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Restoring a little taste of history by creating elegant, fun and functional, jewelry that can be worn by anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Not Your Nana's Silver (NYNS) is a small cottage industry located on Vancouver Island. We specialize in the art of taking something old and making it new again by handcrafting silver-plate and sterling cutlery and trays into bracelets, rings and earrings.

NYNS was founded in 2006 by accident after creating bracelets from a family heirloom, the response and requests came fast and furious. Starting with home parties the demand continued to grow; and we are now located in gift stores, galleries and boutiques and on our online web store.

We are delighted to have helped to keep our landfills cleaner by repurposing/recycling and reclaiming heirlooms of the past back into the present. 

Affordable, fun and yet beautiful each piece creates great conversations and is a timeless accessory for any wardrobe.

Our unique style makes it easy to wear and put on.  We offer a tiny but mighty magnet for a secure fit.

These unique pieces will quickly become your favorites and a conversation piece where ever you go.

Each bracelet is made from vintage silver plated and silver spoons, forks, and butter knives. Most of the vintage silverware has had a varied and eventful life. Like people, some pieces wear it well and some do not.

We try to choose only pieces that are in good shape. Still the activities of the past are reflected in the piece. We see this as an attribute rather than a detraction.

When it comes to shaping the piece, these pieces of the past have a mind of their own. Please remember, like people not all of these pieces are perfect, but all have character.

NYNS is unable to guarantee patterns in stock.  Bracelets are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

All jewelry comes to you with a gentle shine; they can be further polished with any silver polish you choose.

Contact Us  info@nynsilver.com





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